While the impact a story has on an audience is wonderfully complicated to quantify, Principe Productions is committed to capturing the energy our films generate and translating it into social impact. Here are a few things our films have done:

  • Recruited thousands of new volunteers and activists.
  • Raised more than $3 million in charitable funds.
  • Inspired celebrity ambassadors to speak up and fight stigma.


In Brazil, 27 state ministries of minority and diversity rights hosted film screenings for public employees.
The film was adopted by the federal Government of India for the Ministry of Women and Child Development's adolescent girls program, distribution to 100 targeted districts.
UNHCR and IOM have made the film part of their refugee resettlement orientations around the world. After a special screening on Capitol Hill, US State Dept. changed policy on refugee youth resettlement.
The Indian president and prime minister each spoke publicly about the film and work to combat stigma of clefts.


Millions of copies of the film included in USA Today home delivery. In India, a 5-city tour led to mass media coverage and put the issue of clefts in every major outlet, many with front page stories.
Across the U.S., along with film reviews, we connected journalists with local refugees and advocacy organizations and generated feature stories that offered local context and ways for involvement.
Largest publisher in Brazil donated billboard space and full-page ads in all national publications highlighting our box office donation to a racial justice NGO to support their work.
India release generated more than 200 stories in all major media on early marriage. The film's protagonists and leading advocates were featured in many stories, adding depth and calls to action to the coverage.


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao host screening and discussion on depictions of girls and marriage for leading Bollywood talents and Indian journalists.
Brazilian celebrities record testimonials about the film and combating racism.
Aishwarya Rai signed on as the public face of Smile Train’s work.
US Presidents Clinton and Obama each privately screened the film.

General Public

Refugee agencies recruited thousands of new volunteer mentors with local screening events. $2 million in refugee scholarships raised.
Smile Train’s annual donations from the general public for cleft palate surgery doubled. 8 million on-demand, free DVD copies shipped.
Theatrical release box office donated to Baoba Racial Equality Fund.
The film's short length helps it be shared across digital platforms to rally informed support for girls empowerment.


Brazil’s largest companies and unions hold screenings as special diversity events. Brazilian CSR Education group hosts series of screenings.
Smile Train named official Wimbeldon charity, Pinki Sonkar does coin toss at Men's finals.
Donor education groups screen film and raise significant funds for refugee scholarships. the World's largest matchmaking service sponsored the film as a bonus short in PVR Cinemas throughout India. In Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata private sector and NGOs leaders came together to screen film and discuss most effective girls empowerment strategies in light of new CSR legislation in India.


Human rights NGO chapters at hundreds of universities distributed film to raise awareness of Darfur crisis. 300 public libraries held community education screening/discussion events, many tie in with book of the month.
AARP interviews Megan Mylan and features the film across their programming.
Film included in resource packets for networks of local health clinics in Asia and Africa to raise awareness on the ease of cleft treatment.
National network of Cine Clubs held screenings and discussions across Brazil.